Locating Earthquakes using Earthworm

Updated: 09/18/2015

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Earthquakes Located by Earthworm

Earthworm Setup Information

Station Information

New - Running Earthworm on a Raspberry Pi Board

Please read the following if you would like to supply data to the PSN Earthworm Network

Current Seismicity Helicorders Generated By Earthworm's Winston Server

Images updated every 5 minutes

ADUB1 - Monte Sereno PSN Station

MTUMZ - Mount Umunhum Station

More Helicorder Plots

ATZ - Aptos PSN Station

CMP - Mikes Peak USGS Telemetry Station

Seismograph Image

B054 - Berkeley USGS Borehole Station

Seismograph Image

B057 - San Rafael USGS Borehole Station

Seismograph Image

B058 - San Juan Bautista USGS Borehole Station

Seismograph Image

B073 - Parkfield USGS Borehole Station

Seismograph Image

LCGPZ - Redwood City PSN Station

Seismograph Image

Current Station Map

More Stations Needed

If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and running WinSDR you can help the PSN Earthworm Network locate earthquakes better by sending in data from one of your sensor. 

Here is a list of requirements:

If you meet the criteria above please contact me and I will send you information on how to configure WinSDR system to send in your data to our system. 

Last Update: 09/16/2016

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